Strawberry Hill’s redevelopment is about to begin

Strawberry Hill’s redevelopment is about to begin

December 6, 2016 | By Andrew Dunn, Charlotte Agenda

Construction is about to begin on a massive redevelopment of Strawberry Hill’s retail center.

Everything is expected to be done by March 2018. When it’s complete, there will be 36,000 more square feet of retail space, says MPV Properties.

Both Fresh Market and BB&T will remain open during construction, MPV managing partner Steve Vermillion said.


Fresh Market and BB&T have announced they will stick around.

Both will have new buildings in Strawberry Hill. Fresh Market will be in a new 23,000-square-foot building more prominent along Providence Road (right now it’s hidden off the road). The building that BB&T currently has will be demolished and three new buildings put in its place.

A lot of the retail you know and love will stay put as well.

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